Saturday, July 24, 2010

Decommissioning a Swimming Pool

We have a large inground swimming pool that is rarely used now that our children are grown and have left home. The pool has become a bit of a "bugbear" - requiring ongoing maintainence and expense that we would like to avoid. The pump for example probably uses upwards of $80/month of electricity.
My solution has been this:

Parts - 100 pvc stormwater pipe, elbows and T fittings
75x38 treated pine timber
galvanised bugle head timber screws
Roll of Bird Wire
Heavy duty tarpaulin

My pool shape is like a large clover so it made things difficult
Using the PVC pipe a lattice was made - at about 900mm centres - lengths of pipe ("arms") were cut , t sections inserted and elbows fitted at each end . These arms were then laid across 2 planks and when the right position was determined, the length of the each leg was calculated using a measuring stick to the bottom of the pool. When these were fitted , I also screwed the pine rails on to hold everything together before gently removing the planks to let it all settle into place. ( It took 2 times - the first I didn't lock it together enough and it all twisted, fell over and sank! I actually didn't fit all the " feet" and rails before removing the planks)
With the lattice in place it was simply a matter of attaching a few infill rails and a border of timber around the outside
Completion was a layer of bird wire and a heavy duty tarpaulin to exclude any light. Pool pump is now turned off , Anne doesn't need to clean the chlorinator anymore and we will reduce our electricity consumption.
This leaves the pool in a state whereby it can be quickly recommissioned by someone down the track if we decide to move. We can also use this now as a rainwater tank with a bit more modification - inflow pipework etc.
Cost: $1230



tootired said...

This is quality decommissioning! I threatened to cover ours with builders plastic last week when I was so over tenant disinterest. It still feels like a rational thing to do, in an organised manner.


Anonymous said...

You didn't leave the water in the pool did you? The picture shows that.

Dave in Los Angeles