Thursday, July 29, 2010

garden - general

As I am working fulltime for the next few weeks I have less time to prepare my blog items as per usual - I have a few almost ready that need further workup.

Here's a few photos from around our yard, some of which I plan on explaining later especially the lessons learnt constructing them.

The first is a general backyard view - the south of our house with my workshop and 2 of the aquaponics systems with vegetable garden beside.

Another photo is of the root cellar made to look like an old mine site.
Beside that is a container that has had a facade painted by our daughter (who is really talented with art things) to make it look like an old Maori Whare (house)

The other photo is of the backyard dunny -story about this later. 12 mm of rain overnight here and more today - most welcome.

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Thanks Daddy.